Swift: Frequently Asked Questions

Swift FAQ

Does Swift work with mosaic warts? I’ve had a mosaic wart on my foot for more than a year and nothing seems to work.

Yes! Time and time again Swift is even effective on the most persistent mosaic warts.

How does this even work? I’ve tried everything to get rid of my warts from freezing, to cutting my warts, to acids and they always come back!

Swift attacks the HPV virus that actually causes warts. The body has a hard time even recognizing the HPV wart-causing virus, so this microwave therapy is able to stimulate your immune system to rid them by becoming immune to the virus.

Swift actually seems less aggressive and passive than other wart removing methods I’ve tried. Can you explain why I shouldn’t be skeptical?

The HPV virus that causes warts is actually not hard to defeat, but it is hard for your body to detect. Because your body can’t detect it, you aren’t fighting it. Swift’s microwave therapy stimulates your own immune system to beat the HPV virus and get rid of warts, for good.

Can anyone use the Swift wart removing therapy?

There are very few exceptions for eligibility to use Swift for wart removal. We will carry out an assessment prior to treatment.

How is Swift going to work to get rid of my warts when nothing else has worked? Warts keep coming back!

Swift delivers a short, sharp dose of microwave energy into the tissue millimeters below the surface. Leaving your skin intact, Swift works by activating dendritic cells, signaling to your body that the virus is present so your immune system will fight and develop immunity from the wart-causing HPV virus.

Onyfix FAQs

What kind of bandages and care do I need to have after a Swift session?

Absolutely none! Swift doesn’t even penetrate the skin as our microwave treatments reach the offending HPV virus causing plantar without an invasive means! 

What kind of limitations will I have after the Swift wart removal treatment?

Absolutely none. Swift is a non-invasive microwave treatment that enables you to live your life without disruptions.

How many Swift treatment sessions will I need to remove my plantar warts?

Everyone responds to microwave wart removing therapy differently, but usually 3-4 sessions that are spaced a few weeks apart are required to eradicate your warts.

Does a Swift wart removal treatment hurt?

Swift microwave therapy is applied in 2-3 seconds and doesn’t hurt very much. It is similar to the minor discomfort you might experience from a shot. 

How long are the Swift wart removing sessions?

We only apply Swift for a few seconds, five times each session. You should be in and out of our practice in a matter of minutes.

How long is the recovery time after treatments?

Recovery time is virtually nonexistent. You’ll walk out of our clinic.  Now we are attacking the causative issue of plantar warts – the HPV virus – a virus that attacks the body by being undetected – Swift’s procedure reveals the virus to your immune system.