About Us

Located in Hicksville, NY, Hicksville Podiatry is a laser and aesthetic podiatric practice focused on providing state-of-the-art, non-invasive and minimally-invasive treatments. We offer the latest and most effective non-invasive podiatric, aesthetic, and laser treatments available. From 3D Printed Custom orthotics, Toenail Fungus Laser, Plantar Wart Microwave therapy, MLS laser, Radial Shockwave to Minimally invasive foot surgery. Our experienced board-certified podiatrist is here to customized a treatment program that best meets your needs, schedule, and budget. With a focus on patient-centered, timely appointments and affordable treatment plans, our mission is to help to get your quality of life back.

Podiatry Aesthetics and Laser Specialist for All in the Heart of Long Island

Visit Hicksville Podiatry and experience the highest-quality level of patient care. Our goal is always to provide the most comfortable clinic experience possible and get your happy feet back. For more information, call us, or request an appointment online. We serve patients in Hicksville NY and the surrounding areas.​

We Treat It All

Dr. Bhela specializes in minimally invasive surgery of the foot with minimal scarring and faster healing time. Here at Hicksville Podiatry, our aim is to help our patients achieve a more active, mobile, and healthy lifestyle. Every patient is different and Dr. Bhela will create a unique treatment plan for each individual’s needs

Common services offered by Dr. Bhela at our office include:

  1. Minimally invasive solutions for bunion and hammertoe
  2. Laser treatment of toenail fungus
  3. Laser treatment of pain
  4. Treatment of foot warts, ingrown toenail, hammertoe, calluses and athlete’s foot
  5. Treatment for peripheral neuropathy, bunions, plantar fasciitis and flat feet
  6. 3D printed custom orthotics.

If you are concerned about a condition listed above wish to enquire further about your podiatric needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at the Hicksville Podiatry clinic today. We are equipped to deal with all podiatric concerns.

Meet Our Doctor

Board-certified podiatrist with a private practice in Hicksville, NY.

Dr. Bhela specializes in the treatment of bunions, hammertoe, fungal nail infection, plantar wart treatment, and many other podiatric treatments.

Dr. Bhela believes that there is an underlying cause to every problem and his goal is to get rid of the cause, not to treat the symptoms. The majority of problems are managed with painkillers or steroid injections which eliminate the symptoms, but the underlying cause is still present which needs to be addressed.

You can read his full bio here.