Revolutionizing Podiatric Care: Dr. Bhela’s Laser Therapy Approach to Common Foot Conditions

Apr 29, 2024


In the realm of podiatric medicine, advancements in technology and a deeper understanding of foot and ankle conditions have led to innovative treatments that promise better outcomes for patients. Among the leaders in this transformative care is Dr. Davinder Bhela, a board-certified podiatrist based in Nassau County, Long Island. At the helm of Restore Podiatry & Laser Center, Dr. Bhela is pioneering the use of Class 4 Laser Therapy to treat a variety of common, yet often debilitating, foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Achilles Tendonitis, Toenail Fungus, and Morton’s Neuroma. His approach not only underscores a commitment to non-invasive, natural healing but also reflects a broader philosophy that prioritizes patient well-being and personalized care.

Tackling Plantar Fasciitis With Precision

Plantar Fasciitis, characterized by sharp heel pain, is a condition that can severely limit an individual’s mobility. Traditional treatments have often been a slow and sometimes ineffective process. Dr. Bhela’s use of the ReliefNow™ Laser Method© offers a beacon of hope, providing rapid relief by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes, reducing inflammation, and promoting cellular repair—all without the need for surgical intervention.

A New Horizon For Peripheral Neuropathy Patients

Peripheral Neuropathy, with its numbing, tingling, and pain, can be particularly challenging to manage due to its varied underlying causes. Dr. Bhela’s laser therapy approach is groundbreaking, offering a non-pharmacological solution that addresses the nerve damage at its core. By enhancing blood flow and nerve function, patients experience significant improvements in symptoms, paving the way for a better quality of life.

Innovative Solutions for Achilles Tendonitis

For those suffering from Achilles Tendonitis, the journey to recovery has often been marred by slow healing and recurrent pain. Dr. Bhela’s application of laser therapy changes the game, targeting the inflamed tendon directly to accelerate healing and alleviate pain efficiently. This approach not only speeds up the recovery process but also minimizes the risk of future injuries, enabling patients to return to their active lifestyles more quickly.

Clearing the path for Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus, a common yet stubborn condition, has met its match with Dr. Bhela’s laser treatment. By penetrating the nail bed with targeted laser energy, the treatment eradicates fungal infections at the source, promoting the growth of healthy nails. This safe and effective solution bypasses the side effects associated with traditional oral medications, offering a clear advantage for patients seeking an alternative.

Relief for Morton’s Neuroma Sufferers

 Morton’s Neuroma, causing severe forefoot pain, has often led patients down the path of invasive surgeries. Dr. Bhela’s innovative use of laser therapy provides a non-surgical option that relieves pressure on the affected nerves, offering pain relief and a return to normal function without the downtime associated with traditional surgical methods.

Dr. Bhela’s Patient-Centered Philosophy

At the core of Dr. Bhela’s practice is a dedication to high-quality, patient-focused care. His holistic approach, combining the latest in laser technology with natural and regenerative treatments, ensures that patients receive the most advanced and effective care possible. By avoiding invasive procedures and the use of pharmaceuticals with potential side effects, Dr. Bhela’s treatments align with a safer, more holistic view of health and wellness.


Dr. Davinder Bhela’s innovative approach to podiatric care, particularly through the use of Class 4 Laser Therapy, is setting new standards in the treatment of common foot conditions. His commitment to non-invasive, natural healing methods offers patients at Restore Podiatry & Laser Center a path to recovery that is both effective and aligned with the body’s natural healing processes. For those suffering from foot and ankle ailments, Dr. Bhela’s practice represents a beacon of hope, promising not just relief, but a return to a life free of pain and limitation.

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