3D Printed Custom Orthotics

Meet the 3D-Printed Custom Orthotics

Our corrective orthotics are designed to help you alleviate your foot pain and prevent foot issues and injuries. They are customized by taking into account how your foot flexes and bends. You’ll get comfort and stability with every step so that you can focus on your activities without worrying about your feet getting tired or hurting due to poor footwear.

Customized Comfort

Our 3D-printed custom orthotics are designed to provide the perfect fit for your unique feet, ensuring maximum comfort and support. Using advanced 3D-printing technology, we can create custom orthotics that are tailored specifically to your needs, providing relief from foot pain and discomfort and helping you feel your best all day long.

If everybody’s feet are different in size and shape, why should their orthotics be the same?

And that’s precisely what’s wrong with your regular, traditional orthotics. They don’t take individual anatomy into account. The problem isn’t so much in their design as in how they are made. Doctors typically don’t measure their patients’ feet in motion and design orthotics that flex and adjust themselves as they move.

We set out to change that.

With our 3D-printed custom orthotics that are customized to the shape of your foot and the way you move, step, and run, we are redefining what orthotics can do for you.

Dynamic Gait Analysis

At the heart of our custom orthotics is our dynamic gait analysis technology, which helps us understand how your feet move and what they need to perform at their best. By analyzing your gait in real-time, we can create orthotics that feel great and help improve your overall gait performance and reduce the risk of injury.

So whether you are an athlete, a hiker, an office worker, or a factory worker looking to optimize your performance, or you simply want to feel more comfortable and supported on your feet without pain, our custom orthotics have you covered.

Scan, Walk, and Print

All our corrective insoles are 3D-printed to perfection using the latest dynamic gait analysis, 3D scanning, and 3D-printing technology. Gone are the days of clunky, generic foot inserts that don’t provide the support you need. With our cutting-edge orthotics, you’ll experience the ultimate in comfort and function.

The process is as easy as 1-2-3.

3D Scanner for Custom Orthotics

1. Scan
Step into the future of custom 3D fitting with HP’s Fitstation! This fantastic 3D volumetric scanning device is specially designed to create high-resolution renders of your feet and lower legs. Simply stand on the platform and let Fitstation do its thing. This cutting-edge technology takes the guesswork out of the equation, giving precise measurements of your foot. In just a matter of seconds, a vivid 3D image of your foot and your lower leg will be ready.

2. Walk
This is where the real magic happens! Our real-time dynamic gait analysis system tracks your every movement, providing a detailed analysis of your feet and legs as you walk. A high-sensitivity pressure plate captures all the functions of your feet, marking the location and intensity of pressure with incredible accuracy. Then, our team experts at Restore Podiatry & Laser Center use this information to confirm a diagnosis and craft a personalized solution with a more precise orthotic prescription.

3. Print
All that’s left now is to print your designs. An innovative 3D-printed custom honeycomb lattice design creates the perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility for each individual part of your foot, providing optimal function without the bulkiness of other orthotics on the market. The lattice design of our 3D-printed orthotics means we can give you all the support, stiffness, and flexibility you need—without weighing you down or taking up too much space in your shoes.
You are now ready to enjoy stunning relief from your foot pain, along with increased comfort and without compromising on flexibility and mobility!

Why 3D Printed Custom Orthotics?

Simple impressions made of plaster or foam boxes or simple 2D scanning are both prone to mistakes in casting and manufacturing. This is never a risk with 3D scanning. With this new technology, 3D custom orthotics can be made to fit the contours of any patient’s feet and are extremely durable. The gait plate further helps our team know exactly how much pressure is distributed and where. The way you stand, walk, and balance is all converted into accurate data at every single stage of your gait cycle.

There are numerous benefits to using 3D-printed custom orthotics:

  • These insoles are extremely durable and suitable for use in sports.
  • They are designed specifically for different sports and shoe types.
  • 3D-printed custom orthotics are minimal in bulk and lightweight.
  • Alleviates foot pain and reduces foot fatigue and discomfort during physical activity.
  • They are ideal for postural assessment, as they take a snapshot of the pressure distribution beneath the feet.
  • The static protocol records the displacement of the feet’s center of pressure over time.
  • It also displays the roll-off of the foot, including the dynamic center of pressure, peak pressure areas, and foot contact timings.
  • The dynamic scan 3D shows the peak pressure areas during the foot roll-off.
  • The 3D-printing process allows for a precise, customized fit that addresses the unique needs of each individual’s feet.
  • They are also effective in relieving pain and pressure points, making them a great choice for people with foot conditions such as flat feet or overpronation.

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