The Direct Care Model

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our direct care podiatry model, and provided the answers to each of them. Do not hesitate to contact our office in Hicksville, NY if you have any more questions about our practice!

What is a Direct Care or Direct Pay Practice?

A direct care or direct pay (cash pay) practice is the new alternative healthcare model to run a medical practice. We do not participate with any insurance or government healthcare program, meaning we are third-party free. 

Patients will know upfront what their care will cost and will pay a reasonable fee, in full, for their care at the time of their visit. We do not work for insurance companies or the government. We work for our patients. You will not get any surprise statements or bills months after your appointment.

How Do You Create Value for Your Patients?

Excessive rules and high fees have resulted in skyrocketing healthcare costs. Patients pay expensive insurance premiums yet still cannot afford care due to high deductibles and co-pays. To make matters worse, patients have no idea what their out-of-pocket costs are until they receive a surprise bill months later.

We take a simpler approach. By eliminating third parties from our practice, we reduce administrative costs and pass these savings on to you. Patients know upfront what they will pay for their care. We call this price transparency. There are no surprise bills or statements that show up after the visit.

Patients with high deductibles or no insurance will likely find that our fees are significantly lower than what they are currently paying out-of-pocket.

How Does Your Practice Safeguard Patient Privacy?

In a direct pay practice, neither the insurance companies nor the government has access to your private medical records.

What if I Have Medicare?

We do not participate in any government healthcare program. If you have Medicare, the government requires that you sign a one-page private contract before we can see you, indicating that you understand that medical services will not be covered through Medicare. Medicare will still cover any medications or lab testing ordered by Dr. Bhela.

Do I Need to Have Health Insurance?

Yes. Insurance works best for covering catastrophes and big-ticket medical expenses. You want insurance to cover major medical issues in case you are hospitalized, in an accident, or if you develop a major medical illness that requires a lot of advanced testing or specialist care. For these reasons, we recommend you still have some basic insurance coverage.

Do You Take Insurance?

No. We are a direct pay practice, which means that we do not take any insurance. Payment for all services is required at check-out immediately after you are seen in our office.

How Much Will I Have to Pay?

Our transparent fees are available online. Please review our direct pay pricing and payment policy.

By eliminating insurance from our practice, we are able to reduce our costs and keep our fees reasonable and transparent. There are no surprise bills after the fact. Click to view our direct pay pricing.

What if Pathology or Lab Work is Needed?

If you have a condition that requires blood work or other studies, there is a separate pathology fee billed by the affiliated lab we partner with. You may choose then whether to pay for those services yourself or to get it billed through your insurance.

What if I Have Medicaid?

Under New York State law, A provider may charge a Medicaid enrollee for services only when both parties have agreed prior to the rendering of the service that the enrollee is being seen as a private pay patient; this must be a mutual and voluntary decision. It is suggested that the provider maintain the patient’s signed consent to be treated as private pay in the patient’s medical record.

How Do You Provide Personalized Care?

Patients always see Dr. Davinder Bhela, DPM, our board-certified podiatrist. Dr. Bhela spends the time necessary to address your concerns and will not rush your visit. He will explain your diagnosis and treatment in plain language, and address any questions or concerns you might have. 

Since he is third-party-free, he does not have conflicts of interest concerning your care. His priority is what is best for you, not what will generate the highest fees or what an insurance company mandates.

Our staff will treat you with courtesy and will call promptly with any test results. Most of the time Dr. Bhela is personally available to assist you after regular hours for any urgent concerns. We take any patient suggestion or complaint seriously and will strive to exceed your expectations.

Why Direct Pay?

Our healthcare system has changed a lot and not for the better. Every year brings complex rules and mandates, leaving less time to care for patients. 

Medicine has become impersonal and automated much like an assembly line. Doctors are quitting independent practice or abandoning medicine altogether while their patients cannot even afford to see a doctor due to ever-increasing insurance premiums, deductibles, and copays. 

A direct pay practice allows Dr. Bhela to maintain his solo practice and serve his patients, NOT insurance companies, the government, or any other third party. By cutting out the middleman, medications, procedures, and tests in our practice, services will cost only a fraction of what third party insurance costs. 

This concept is shaping the future of healthcare and our practice is excited to be bringing it to Long Island.

Can I Submit a Claim to My Insurance if I Have Out of Network Benefits?

No. We do not participate in any insurance program.

Are There Any Other Fees?

Occasionally, there may be an additional fee for staff time, administrative work, or other extra tasks done on your behalf. We will inform you in advance any time an extra fee may apply.

If you still have questions, please give our office a call at (516) 806-2200, or contact us through our website online.