Benefits of the Direct Pay Model

How Does Direct Pay Work?

A direct pay model practice does not participate in or bill any health insurance plans. Eliminating this middleman has several benefits. Your medical records are not sent to an insurance company for a third person to review and have them make decisions on your personalized treatment plan. Your decisions are kept between you and your doctor. 

Direct pay care is a simple and transparent practice model. You receive excellent care for a transparent, reasonable fee. Direct care is most effective when built on the foundation of a long-term relationship between doctor and patient. This mutual respect encourages patient freedom, which ultimately makes for healthy people. We don’t work for insurance companies. We only work for you.

What Removing Insurance Allows Us to Offer:

  • More face-to-face time with the doctor during your appointment, Dr. Bhela limits the number of visits daily to around 15 patients, whereas most podiatrists see upwards of 40 patients a day.
  • Next appointment available within 3 days (except when our office is closed for holidays or vacations).
  • Minimal to no waiting time.
  • Physician availability, including online scheduling.
  • On-site X-ray and ultrasound.
  • No need for prior referrals or proof of insurance. No copays, deductibles, or prior authorizations are needed.
  • No surprise bills in the mail! No one likes them, so we don’t send them! No unexpected cost ever. Prices will always be clear to you prior to services.
  • Ways to get you better faster, not 6 months from now.
  • Deep discounts on labs, radiology, and medications.
    • Our lab partner is inexpensive, but you are welcome to use your insurance if you prefer when getting labs and tests done.
    • We offer deep discounts on compound medications.
    • Medication is dispensed here in our office, avoiding the need to make a second stop at the pharmacy.
  • The ability to schedule appointments, call, text, or private message us even after office hours.
    • We understand the unpredictability of your needs.
    • You can schedule appointments online at your convenience.
    • Our established patients have access to our HIPPA-compliant app which allows you to SMS text or securely message us.
    • You will have access to us with our email and we will try to respond within the same day.
  • Our partnership with CareCredit.
    • We proudly accept the CareCredit credit card to help you finance all of your healthcare needs. CareCredit is a health, wellness, and personal care credit card that allows you to pay over time with promotional financing options for purchases of $200 or more.
    • CareCredit offers low monthly payment plans, no up-front costs, and no prepayment penalties which you can get your procedure sooner.

How Direct Care Benefits You

Dr. Bhela focuses on quality instead of quantity, so you won’t be waiting in the waiting room for an hour before you are seen. You can choose how much time you spend face-to-face with the doctor and will never feel rushed. 

Part of the relationship you will build with Dr. Bhela is based on your understanding of your care. In other words, he is putting you back into your healthcare.

Additionally, since your time is valuable and money doesn’t grow on trees, we provide advanced technologies and services in our office, including dispensing medications at affordable costs. You not only save money at Hicksville Podiatry, but you also save your time and walk out feeling appreciated and loved. Who wouldn’t want that? 

So, you ask what is the direct care model at Hicksville Podiatry? Affordable. Transparent. Patient-focused care. Quality Care.

If you have any questions, check out our Direct Care Podiatry FAQs or contact our office and speak with our excellent team!