Laser Fungus Treatment in Long Island

See Why Laser Treatment is Right for You

  • Do you suffer from toenail fungal infection that won’t clear normally with topical and oral medications
  • Have you had toenail discoloration that has not been cured despite various treatments?
  • Have you been using home remedies for Toenail Fungus but they did not clear fungus?
  • Do you still have toenail fungus despite substandard laser treatment
  • Have you been to various different doctors for discolored toenail and been disappointed with your treatment outcomes?
  • Are you feeling embarrassed about your toenail fungus that you try to hide it from your friends and family?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are a perfect candidate for a consultation with Dr. Bhela for our combined LASER toenail treatment. Read below for more information.

Please keep reading and you will see why laser treatment with Dr. Bhela is the top choice for laser and toenail fungus treatment.

Struggling With Toenail Fungus? We Can Help!

Genesis Plus Laser for Toenail Fungus

The most powerful Nd:YAG laser for toenail fungus.

Genesis Plus Laser was launched in 2010 which delivers 1064 nm laser energy to the treatment area for toenail fungus. This laser is equipped with a handpiece with a non-contact temperature sensor to monitor the treatment area temperature. The handpiece includes two aiming beams that provide consistent treatments by maintaining the correct distance of the handpiece to the skin. This handpiece offers a single 8 mm spot size.

Genesis Plus laser is FDA approved for toenail fungus in April 2011. Tiny pulses of light from an Nd:YAG laser pass through the toenail to the fungus underneath, which is irradiated without any damage to the surrounding nail or skin.

This laser procedure requires at least 3 treatments with little or no discomfort and is performed in the office setting with no anesthesia needed. This laser has no effect on healthy tissue and treats only the infected area of the toe. No drugs or topical ointments are used, eliminating the total-body side effects of traditional oral medications.

Clinical Study from a research study by Utako Kimura in April 2012 showed that laser kills toenail fungus and promotes clear nail growth with a single treatment with at least 80% success rate. The laser treatment is safe, effective and most patients improve usually after their first treatment.

Genesis Plus Laser for Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma, also known as intermetatarsal neuroma, is a painful condition that affects the ball of the foot. When the tissue around a nerve that connects to a toe becomes irritated, it may thicken and press on the nerve, causing pain.

It can feel like a burning pain or like you are standing on a stone, and the feeling often comes and goes. A numbing or tingling in the toes may also accompany the pain. In other cases, some people do not have any symptoms at all.

The Genesis Plus laser may be used as a treatment for Morton’s neuroma. It is a non-invasive alternative to surgery and requires no downtime. Patients report no pain during the procedure and no symptom recurrence for years after receiving the treatment.

During treatment, about 400 laser pulses penetrate the foot from above and below. Patients have reported a warming sensation during the treatment, but no pain. After the procedure, patients may experience mild redness and swelling. Treatments may be performed once or twice a week, depending on the severity of the condition, for a total of 6 to 10 treatments. Patients usually feel some improvement after 2 or 3 treatments.

Genesis Plus Laser for Plantar Fibroma

Plantar fibromas are rare, benign growths on the ligament that stretches from your heel to your toe, called the plantar fascia. A plantar fibroma is small and may go unnoticed at first, but can cause pain after a while. It might feel like a pebble or stone, and you may even be able to see a bump on the bottom of your foot.

The Genesis laser is a highly effective treatment option for plantar fibroma. It eliminates the need for surgery and requires no downtime after the procedure. During treatment, a 1,064 nm laser targets the fibroma and stimulates the immune system to repair the area. While it may not cure the condition, it is highly effective at reducing the size of fibromas and alleviating pain.


    What is Genesis Plus laser?

    Genesis Plus Laser is an Nd:YAG 1064 nm laser that has been cleared by the FDA to be both a safe and effective solution for the treatment of toenail fungus. This laser is also a safe and effective treatment for scar reduction and plantar warts.

    Is Genesis Plus laser better than other lasers?

    Yes, this genesis plus laser is so powerful and effective than many other lasers as it contains two aiming beams that provide consistent treatments by maintaining the correct distance of the handpiece to the skin. And this laser has an integrated sensor that is used to check the temperature of the treatment area which is an amazing feature that no other laser has.

    How does Genesis Plus laser work?

    Tiny pulses of light from Genesis Plus laser pass through the toenail to the fungus underneath the toenail. Laser light gently heats up the skin underneath the infected nail bed. Once the target temperature is reached, the laser has killed the fungus. The fungus is eliminated without any damage to the surrounding nail or skin.

    How long does the Genesis Plus laser procedure take?

    Depending on how many toes are affected, the Genesis Plus laser procedure will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

    Is Genesis Plus laser painful?

    Patient feedback is also very important during the procedure. Most people feel a slight warming sensation in the nail bed during the procedure. If the nail bed becomes painful, the patient can take a break. No pain medication is needed and most people find the treatment very easy to tolerate.

    How many treatments will I need?

    Most patients show improvement after one treatment. The required number of treatments will vary depending on how severely the toenail is infected. Many patients only need 3 treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart, but some need more if they have severe cases of toenail fungus.

    When will I see results?

    You won’t notice anything immediately following treatment. However, as your nail grows out, the new nail growth should be clear. Toenails grow slowly, especially nails infected with fungus. So it may take 6 to 12 months for your nails to clear.

    Will the fungus come back?

    Reinfection with toenail fungus may be acquired anywhere from the environment, for example, in damp areas such as public swimming pools. Consult with your doctor to understand how to prevent toenail fungus from reoccurring.

    How does Genesis Plus laser compared to other toenail fungus treatments?

    Traditional treatments such as nail trimming, topical medicine, oral medicine, or nail removal have significant drawbacks. Nail debridement doesn’t treat the fungus. Topical medicines need to be applied for at least 9 months and have a low success rate. Oral medicines are taken for 3 months but can cause liver or kidney problems.

    Are the laser treatments covered by insurance?

    Most cosmetic laser treatments are not covered by insurance.

    How much does it cost?

    There is a $99 consultation fee with the doctor to see if you are a candidate for the treatment and that fee can be billed to your insurance if we take your insurance. The treatment fee can be discussed in the office as there are a few different treatment programs offered which include any necessary nail preparation, post-treatment counseling, and any follow-up visits to check your results. The best results are obtained when the laser treatment is applied to all of the toenails on both feet, even the ones that appear uninfected. This creates an environment free of nail fungus and reduces the chance of re-infection.