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We treat stubborn plantar wart with 2 treatment options: Swift Therapy and Clear Wart Program™

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“I had a stubborn plantar wart, unresponsive to numerous therapies from various experts over the course of almost five years! Dr. Bhela cured my plantar wart. I highly recommended Dr. Bhela for anyone who wants to get rid of challenging plantar wart!

Jay – Clear Wart Program™ Patient

     “I would highly recommend Dr. Bhela for both cutting edge podiatry treatments and wonderful bedside manner. He helped me treat a very stubborn plantar wart. Dr. Bhela is one of the most attentive practitioners I’ve come across.”

Olivia M – Clear Wart Program™ Patient  

  “struggling for three years with plantar warts, Dr. Bhela did 4 treatments later, my plantar warts were FULLY, COMPLETELY RESOLVED.  “

MH – Clear Wart Program™ Patient

I recommended Dr. Bhela for plantar wart treatment.

BS – Clear Wart Program™