Why Choose Our Practice

We use natural & regenerative medical therapy to treat foot pain in a non-invasive way. We treat recalcitrant heel pain, chronic toenail fungus, stubborn plantar wart, foot arthritis, foot neuropathy, and flexible flat feet.

It takes time:

  • To really know a patient, to really understand the significance of that patient’s symptoms, concerns, and current health status.
  • To check back into the patient’s history to determine if that information affects the current problem.
  • To review the medical literature and perhaps explain the case with a specialist colleague.
  • To explain the purpose of any recommended procedures and then explain with the patient.
  • To educate patients on the difference between recommended medication versus other medication.
  • To explain the purpose of any newly prescribed medication and to discuss the possible side effects.
  • For the doctor to call a patient to make sure they are responding as expected to treatment.

At Restore Podiatry & Laser Center, we truly enjoy spending time with our patients, so no one ever feels pressured or rushed.

What is so special about visiting Dr. Bhela at Restore Podiatry & Laser Center?

Restore Podiatry & Laser Center is specialty podiatry clinic that focuses exclusively on the non-surgical treatment of Plantar Fasciitis (Heel pain), Achilles tendonitis, toenail fungus, plantar wart, peripheral neuropathy, and foot arthritis by utilizing natural solution and regenerative medical therapy. 

Many other reasons to choose us:

Treating foot pain is our interest but helping people feel better is our passion. We are passionate about giving you the best level of care possible and this is what drives us to be the best at what we do. We believe in the importance of building trusting relationships with each patient. Experience has taught us that the foot is very complex and most patients require a very thorough assessment to achieve the correct diagnosis as well as additional time to learn about their condition and discuss a comprehensive treatment plan. This is exactly what we provide. We deeply care about your journey in getting back to doing the things you love most and resolving your problem.