Custom Molded Birkenstock® Sandals and Clogs

Have you ever considered having a pair of custom Birkenstock® sandals or clogs with built-in custom orthotic inserts? We can help you!

We are the exclusive provider of custom molded Birkenstock® sandals and clogs in Long Island.

All patients have a consultation/examination/fitting appointment that lasts 30 minutes and then selects a pair of Birkenstock® sandals online from a selection that is made available. The “orthotic insole” is custom to your foot and is made to help with any symptoms you have at the time of your appointment.

What is a Custom Molded Birkenstock® Sandal?

The custom-molded cork sole of the Birkenstock® sandal helps realign your foot by redirecting and reducing certain motion that takes place during the gait cycle. Custom molded Birkenstock® sandals work on your feet much like custom molded orthotics function in your shoes or sneakers, reducing stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into proper alignment. Custom molded sandals are made from precise imprints of your feet.

We offer the following custom sandals: Arizona, Florida, Milano, and Granada, and custom Profi-Birki Boca Clog.

Get Your Custom Molded Birkenstock® Sandals and/or Clogs

Want to order your own pair or a couple? Give our office a call or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bhela today!


Custom Molded Birkenstock® Sandals and Clogs