Our Proprietary Clear Nail Program

For Toenail Fungus

The Ultimate Toenail Fungus Solution: Your Path to Beautiful, Healthy Toenails!

Long Island’s Only Dedicated Toenail Fungus Up-to-date & Advanced Laser Treatment

We at Restore Podiatry are very excited to announce that we have a safe and effective treatment for toenail fungus. Lunula Laser is a latest, newest, FDA approved laser that has proven to be highly effective in treating toenail fungus. We like to say that we’re fixing the root cause; not the symptoms.

The Lunula Laser is low-level laser therapy that brings new hope to patients suffering from toenail fungus.

You no longer have to feel embarrassed to wear open toed shoes and sandals – or even go barefoot – because of toenail fungus or any discoloration. Restore Podiatry is the New York Area leader in refurbishing nails back to health and providing a natural,  luminous look.

  • No Pain
  • No Downtime
  • No Side Effects
  • Proven Result
  • Initial Clearing of the nail bed within 3 months

Science: How It Works

The video below discusses the science behind Lunula Laser, the non-invasive device FDA Approved for the safe treatment of onychomycosis. You will learn that Lunula was built on a solid foundation of histological and clinical research that will reassure you that Lunula Laser will provide a reliable, safe, and effective way to treat toenail fungus.

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Restore Podiatry & Laser Center is the first and only office in Long Island to be able to offer the Lunula Laser which is the first and the only pain-free non-thermal FDA Cleared Laser for treating patients with toenail fungus. This new treatment is a proven non-invasive treatment for onychomycosis (fungal nails). There is no discomfort, downtime, or side effects associated with the laser. It uses low-level laser light to treat fungus and usually requires minimum of 4 12 minutes sessions to the affected area for mild infection. For severe fungal infection of toenails, we recommended several additional sessions to the affected area. This Lunula laser is a safe, effective, pain-free, non-thermal treatment without side effects and no risks compared to many other heat-based lasers. Lunula Laser does not affect healthy tissue while working on infected fungal tissue and nails.

  • Do you suffer from a toenail fungal infection that won’t clear normally with topical and oral medications?
  • Have you had toenail discoloration that has not been cured despite various treatments?
  • Have you been using home remedies for toenail fungus but they did not clear up the fungus?
  • Have you been to various different doctors for discolored toenails and been disappointed with your treatment outcomes?

Are you feeling embarrassed about your toenail fungus so much that you try to hide it from your friends and family?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are a perfect candidate for a consultation with Dr. Bhela for our newest laser treatment or our own exclusive Clear Nail Program™!

Please keep reading and you will see why the Clear Nail Program™ with Dr. Bhela is the top choice for toenail fungus treatment.

Tired of Topical Medication and Oral Medication for your toenail fungus. Look at the low success rate published by the study below.

A study published on June 25th, 2019, titled “Recent advances in therapies for onychomycosis and its management” demonstrated Table 1 as shown below with list of topical medication and oral medication with very low success rate.  

Our Clear Nail Program™ Benefits

  • No Toxic Medications
  • No Sedation
  • Quick Recovery in Many Cases
  • Non Invasive Surgical Treatment
  • High Sensitivity Fungus Identification Methods
  • Customized Plans Created by Certified Doctor
  • Two FDA Approved Lasers Available 
  • Little to No Discomfort
  • Impressive Transformations Seen Before and After

Struggling With Stubborn Toenail Fungus? We Can Help!

Is Clear Nail Program™ Or Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Right For Me?

At Restore Podiatry, our doctors use a special laser to treat toenail fungus. Only Restore Podiatry offers the exclusive laser treatment called Clear Nail Program—it’s not available anywhere else. Our unique combination of FDA approved treatments, backed by research, is the best way to deal with toenail fungus.

By using a special laser with combination of unique treatment, we’ve found a way to treat toenail fungus way better. It works about 90% for people who didn’t get results from laser treatments before. This treatment is also great if other stuff like creams or expensive oral medicines didn’t work for you. If you want a safe and painless way to get rid of yucky toenails, this could be the answer you’ve been looking for!

We are located centrally in Long Island, New York. Our state-of-the-art center is loaded with the most advanced combination of different methods specifically designed for toenail fungus. Each way in our combined treatment protocol is designed with a safe and effective algorithm for quickly clearing toenail fungus without harmful pills, ineffective topical solutions, and other lasers that simply do not work.

Through personalized care that prioritizes each patient’s unique needs, Dr. Bhela has successfully maintained an impressive 90% satisfaction rate. A collection of before and after photos, showcasing some of the most remarkable transformations, is now accessible online. Our advanced treatment methods boast a painless and highly effective approach to eradicating toenail fungus. Rest assured, all procedures take place in our office, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine. Our commitment to your well-being means absolutely no downtime, no reliance on potentially harmful oral medications, and a dedication to non-invasive surgical treatments. 

When it comes to getting rid of toenail fungus, having a skilled and well-equipped doctor is key. At our clinic, our doctors use two top-notch lasers approved by the FDA. We’ve also developed a special treatment plan that works really well. In fact, 80% of our patients see their toenail fungus clear up fast. And guess what? 85% of our patients are really happy with the results! You can check out their feedback online. We’ve helped thousands of people from all around the world.

Additionally, this laser treatment is for patients who have failed topical treatments, oral medication and/or who wish to get rid of ugly toenails using a safe, natural and painless approach.

Clear Nail Programis complete and highly customized treatment for each patient’s unique toenail fungus.

    Our Mission – Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

    Every patient is different, and we get that. Toenail problems aren’t all the same, and there’s no one-fix-for-all. We use really good tools to figure out if it’s really a fungus and what’s going on. No guessing games. This way, we make sure the treatment fits the problem. People come to us from all over because they’ve tried stuff that didn’t work elsewhere. Either they weren’t checked properly, or the treatment missed what’s causing the issue. We’re here to fix that, sorting out toenail problems smartly and getting it right from the start.

    The Most Effective Toenail Fungus Treatment!

    Many of our competing offices use devices that do not work because they lack the ability to penetrate the toenail matrix due to inappropriate beaming distancing, lack of control in temperature, and spot size adjustment. Our devices have very precise temperature control, while the two aiming beams provide consistent treatments by maintaining the correct distance of the hand control in correlation to the skin and toenails, an integrated temperature sensor, a large spot size in coverage, and high wattage range for allowing our specialist to adjust the settings for each nail.

    By treating each patient personally and customizing the personalized treatment plan, Dr. Bhela has achieved a 85% satisfaction rate and collected the most comprehensive album of before and after photos. These photos prove the highly impressive results and are available here on our website.

    Our state-of-the-art treatment plan includes a painless, effective approach to clearing toenail fungus. All treatments are done in the office with no downtime, no toxic oral medication, and no painful surgery or anesthesia.

    Are You Ready to treat your Toenail Fungus?

    The important factor in treating toenail fungus successfully is the skill of your toenail fungus expert and the technologies with which that specialist is equipped. In our case, we have the two most powerful technology that are both FDA-approved, combined with a private treatment protocol that allows clearing toenails of fungal infections in at least 80% of the patients we treat. But remember, we have a 90% patient satisfaction, which is readily available on our website and social media after having treated thousands of patients.

    The Laser treatment is not covered by any insurance at this time. Insurance plans consider this procedure a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure and therefore do not provide coverage.

    To find out more about our several Laser treatment options or Clear Nail Program™ or to find out you are a candidate for our laser treatment or Clear Nail Program™, schedule your Personalized Consultation for Laser/Clear Nail Program™ by calling (516) 806-2200, or request your appointment on online form. Don’t wait any longer to treat your toenail fungus now!

    Our Personalized consultation is required for the doctor to design a customized treatment plan for your unique toenail fungus and goals based on 10 important factorsthat will determine the specific treatment and cost

    1. How many nails must be treated?
    2. The severity of your nail fungus
    3. Thickness of your nail fungus
    4. Type of your nail fungus based on lab testing
    5. Color of your nail fungus
    6. Depth of your nail fungus
    7. Is your root matrix involved?
    8. Duration of your toenail fungus
    9. Review your medical history and immune history
    10. The type of treatment that will be used to treat your nail

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    Is the laser FDA approved?

    Yes. Erchonia submitted the results of their successful clinical trial and the laser was granted market clearance by the FDA in June 2016 for the temporary increase of clear nails in patients with onychomycosis.

    What are the advantages of the Erchonia Lunula onychomycosis laser device?

    This device is unique in that it is the only true, dual diode, non-thermal, unattended Class 2 laser that offers multiple benefits. The Lunula combines the anti-fungal effects of the 405 nm wavelength with the cellular function impact of a 635 nm wavelength. The Lunula produces two wavelengths, 635 nm, and 405 nm, both of which have been enriched by a proprietary rotating line-generated laser beam. The Lunula’s specially designed delivery mechanism maximizes both photon concentration and treatment surface area. The Lunula’s patented delivery system ensures that all infected tissue, nail bed, and most importantly, the proximal germinal/matrix tissue are properly targeted and treated.

    Are all laser wavelengths the same?

    No. The higher wavelengths have less energy and normally more power is added which produces heat. Normally output power of watts and wavelengths of 900nm or higher are considered Class IV devices and produce an increase in temperature in the tissue being treated. The lower wavelength lasers, Class 2, Class 3A, and 3B depending on power output, do not rely on heat production. Cold lasers initiate true physiologic responses, photo modulation. The Class2/3A/3B lasers have wavelengths 700 nm or lower.

    Can I feel the laser working?

    The patient will feel no heat or any sensation from the laser.

    Is the tissue response the same with the lower wavelengths in the Lunula?

    No, the lower the wavelength, the greater energy produces and the greater antimicrobial/antifungal effect, high powered lasers work by boosting power to overcome the antimicrobial/antifungal but this can cause tissue destruction which is evidenced by the heat and smoke dangerous smoke plumes they produce.

    What is the advantage utilizing a multiple diode approach in the treatment of onychomycosis?

    The 635 nm wavelength stimulates endogenous mechanisms, which enhances the immunological function of resident neutrophil and macrophage function to further degrade the infectious agent. This wavelength also induces tissue rejuvenation, increased vascularization, which enables the dual diode approach to accelerate the growth of new clear nail growth. The 405 nm wavelength provides anti-microbial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal effects. The patented dual diode approach provided by the Lunula Onychomycosis Device provides symbiotic wavelengths.

    What kind of response has been seen when utilizing the dual diode lower wavelength approach in the treatment of onychomycosis?

    In the clinical trial results, 89% of patients respond.

    Are there any complications with Lunula Laser therapy?

    No complications were reported in all 4 Lunula Laser clinical trials.

    Is it recommended to obtain fungal cultures prior to Lunula Laser?

    During the Lunula clinical trial, a positive mycology study was received on all patients.

    What are the risks with using a heat-based Class IV laser as opposed to a true cold laser?

    When using heat-based lasers to treat nail fungus, there are risks: thermal burning, necrosis, pain, the threat of airborne mycosis with the potential of pulmonary ingestion with resultant long-term infection and disease. Both patients and medical staff can be at risk from exposure to laser plumes. When utilizing true cold laser therapy, such as the Lunula device, there is virtually no risk, either to the patient or the treating physician. The worst thing that can happen with true cold laser therapy for onychomycosis is nothing.

    What are the advantages of Lunula Laser for the treatment of onychomycosis?

    • No chance of developing microbial resistance to this form of treatment

    • Does not interfere nor interact with any systemic medicine

    • No chance for liver toxicity

    • Treatment protocol is painless, ensuring good patient compliance

    • No pain during treatment

    • No downtime

    • Unattended treatment

    How does the Lunula Laser work?

    Peroxynitrite is a compound that has potent anti-microbial effects. This compound is formed when Nitric Oxide (NO) reacts with Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). The Lunula Laser by Erchonia, the only true Low-Level Laser used to treat onychomycosis, uniquely has two different laser diodes; a 635nm and a 405nm. This combination of wavelengths is crucial in that the 635nm diode produces NO and the 405nm diode is the best producer of ROS, both within the visible light spectrum. Cell destruction is triggered by the cytotoxic effects of peroxynitrite. NO + ROS = peroxynitrite which destroys fungal pathogens. The 635nm laser enhances mitochondrial energy metabolism, which generates NO, and this is combined with the 405nm laser, which generates ROS, produces peroxynitrite. This by-product is cytotoxic and destroys pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.

    We provide toenail fungus laser treatment in Hicksville & Long Island, NY, our podiatrists and team at Restore Podiatry also provide best toenail fungus laser treatment to patients from Glen Cove, Glen Head, Greenvale, Lattingtown, Mill Neck, Oyster Bay, Oyster Bay Cove, East Norwich, Muttontown, Old Brookville, Old Westbury, Jericho, Syosset, Roslyn, Roslyn Heights, East Hills, Port Washington, Flower Hill, Manhasset, Searingtown, Williston Park, Mineola, Carle Place, Westbury, New Hyde Park, Elmont, Garden City, Laurel Hollow, Cold Spring Harbor, Lloyd Harbor, Huntington, Huntington Station, Huntington South, Woodbury, West Hills, Melville, Dix Hills, Deer Park, West Islip, Islip, Central Islip, Commack, Hauppauge, Brentwood, East Meadow, Merrick, Bellmore, & Plainview, Levittown, Bethpage, Wantagh, Massapequa, Farmingdale, NY & the surrounding areas.